Postwar Radio got together in the spring of 2016 to explore the songwriting of Jonah Willbach and Jacob Hunt in a high-energy, full band format. Since then, we’ve tightened up as a group of musicians, collaborated musically to create a killer ensemble sound, and are ready to build our audience.

The Band

Jonah Willbach – mandolin, vocals

jonah smile

Jonah. Who is he? Some might be impressed by his ability to play his small guitar. Others might wonder what the fuck a “mandolin” is. Truth is, nobody knows. But more importantly, does anybody care? Only Jonah can answer that question.

Jacob Hunt – guitar, vocals


Jacob was conceived to 80’s glam, fed on punk, and knocks down genre barriers for kicks. As Postwar Radio’s lead guitarist, he brings an eclectic and intricate style that blurs the line between rhythm and lead guitar.

A humble guy, Jacob lives in a southeast Portland garage “to be with the people.”

And, ladies, he’s single.

Matthew Karl – keys


Matthew was a child that loved beauty, music, learning, and peering into the wordless looking glass of music and art. He is taller now, but is otherwise unchanged, a productive worker during the day, a pensive dreamer during the evening, and raving madman at night.

His other outlets are words, photos, tweets, and music.

Steven Butler – drums


Steven comes from a family of musicians in small town Missouri. He grew around all kinds of music, including jazz and early progressive rock. He’s the one in the back holding down the beat, but fills the role of part-time songwriter when he can write something not in 7/4.

Ben Tracy – bass


Millennial heartthrob Ben Tracy plays the bass like Thomas the Tank Engine pulls train cars — reliably.

He loves small dogs and books and has the power to move you.